trio c60

Experience the transformative power of the Poly Trio C60 Conference Phone, designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and enhance productivity in any meeting setting. With Poly’s signature audio technology, every participant can be heard clearly, regardless of their proximity to the table, thanks to the advanced NoiseBlockAI feature that ensures uninterrupted and natural speech flow. Even in larger conference rooms, the expansion microphones deliver exceptional audio quality, allowing for engaging discussions and idea generation. Whether utilized for audio conferences or in conjunction with a Poly video room solution, the Trio C60 prioritizes simplicity, making it effortlessly easy to launch and join meetings with just the touch of a button. Moreover, this innovative conference phone seamlessly integrates with your preferred collaboration platforms, delivering native experiences that accommodate the unique preferences of each user. Discover the unparalleled simplicity and power of the Trio C60 – bringing people together and unlocking the full potential of collaborative endeavors.

  • Enhance collaboration with Poly signature audio for natural conversations and a 6.1 m/20 ft microphone pickup range
  • Increase user adoption as the technology in every room is familiar and consistent
  • Start a meeting in seconds with one-touch-join
  • Compliment your Poly room video solution with a fast, simple control using Trio C60


Technical Overview

  • USB, Bluetooth® or IP connectivity to mobile devices
  • Intelligently removes distracting non-speech noise while allowing your voice be heard
  • Comprehensive management and analytics for quick deployment and high up time


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