Trio 8800

Transform your large meeting rooms into dynamic hubs of efficient collaboration with the addition of the Poly Trio 8800 conference phone. This intelligently designed device boasts exceptional spatial awareness, capturing audio within a remarkable range of 6 meters or 20 feet. With its unrivaled voice quality and integrated NoiseBlock technology, the Trio 8800 ensures a seamless flow of ideas without interruptions. Launching meetings is effortless with the touch of a button, while the device’s versatility extends to effortless integration with video conferencing and content-sharing capabilities, offering future-proof flexibility. Equipped with Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth® connectivity, the Trio 8800 empowers users to bring their own devices, facilitating a smooth and personalized collaboration experience. Embrace the boundless potential of large meeting rooms with the Poly Trio 8800, unlocking endless possibilities for productive discussions and innovative outcomes.


  • Poly’s legendary voice quality fills the room with HD Voice 22 kHz audio and a 6 m/20 ft microphone pickup range
  • Enjoy versatile audio connectivity from your preferred mobile devices
  • Start a meeting in seconds with one-touch-join
  • Make decisions faster with rich video and content-sharing options


Technical Overview

  • Connectivity to multiple platforms
  • Versatile, modular architecture
  • Poly NoiseBlock
  • Supports a range of feature-rich EagleEye cameras


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