Poly Edge E Expansion Module

Maximize customer call handling efficiency and streamline call routing with the Poly Edge E Expansion Module (EM). Enhance your Poly Edge E400/E500 Series phones by adding 22 versatile line keys that can be customized as line registrations, call appearances, speed dials, direct stations, or busy lamp field keys. With simple plug-and-play installation, the module seamlessly integrates with the host phone, providing power and signaling. Experience effortless call screening, dispatching, and monitoring, revolutionizing your communication workflow.


  • Easy to track call activity on its 5” color LCD screen.
  • More contacts at your fingertips with 22-line keys and 3 pages — up to 66 contacts per expansion module.
  • Turn your Poly Edge Series phones into a cost-effective attendant solution: works seamlessly with all E400, E450, E500, and E550 phones.
  • Track even more calls and contacts with the ability to plug up to 2 modules (E500 and E550 phones only).
  • Easy to install with plug-and-play setup and powering provided by the Poly Edge E400/E500 Series host phone.


Technical Overview

  • 5” color LCD screen.
  • 22-line keys and 3 pages.
  • Up to 66 contacts per expansion module.
  • Programmable line keys and a simple, intuitive user experience.

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