The SIP Paging Adapter is a versatile VoIP endpoint designed to bridge analog paging systems with SIP and Multicast-based audio sources. It provides seamless integration by allowing analog audio from a caller’s handset to be transmitted through the analog output via SIP extension one. Additionally, SIP extension two can be configured to play bell audio, serving as an effective night ringer when included in a night ring group.


  • Compatible with most analog amplifiers in the market
  • Supports audio prioritization, including 10 multicast paging groups
  • Loud/Night ringer function – second SIP extension
  • 9 user-uploadable page messages
  • Supports delayed pages with call buffering
  • Support for security code to prevent unwanted SIP calls
  • Can receive pages directly from Poly phones as well as other devices that can send standard multicast
  • Sense input capable of generating events or SIP calls


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