Algo 8028

The Algo 8028 SIP Doorphone (G2) is an outdoor-rated PoE IP intercom system designed for secure entrance communication. With its compliance as a 3rd party SIP endpoint, it seamlessly integrates with various hosted/cloud and premise-based VoIP telephone systems. This UL/CSA, FCC, and CE-certified kit includes a controller, stainless steel-faced intercom station, and a surface mount bracket for easy wall installation. It can also be flush mounted into a double gang box, and additional mounting gaskets are provided for outdoor environments.


  • Integration with SIP-enabled cloud or premise UC platforms allows communication with devices and clients within the UC environment, regardless of location.
  • Visitors can call users by pressing the door station call button, enabling conversation and remote door or gate control.
  • The outdoor-rated door station features a corrosion-resistant faceplate, protected circuitry, and a backlit call button for weather and environmental durability.
  • The door station can be surface mounted or flush mounted into a 2-gang electrical box, with the option to use the included plastic bezel.
  • Door sense contacts can be connected to detect door open position, preventing unauthorized access and detecting door jamming.
  • The intuitive web interface and centralized provisioning simplify installation and configuration.
  • Prior to SIP server registration, pressing the call button prompts the door station to speak the IP address for secure web interface access via HTTPS.

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