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digital for your business

Analog phone systems are a thing of the past. For medium to large businesses, paying for every station can become costly.

At NewTel Systems, our cloud-based phone system offers a variety of digital phone solutions that are cost effective, where you only pay for concurrent calls.

With tons of customizable features and frequent upgrades tailored to the requirements of your company, the transition to a digital system can feel virtually transparent.

Just a few of the features we provide:

  • Inter-office communication
  • Push-to-talk
  • Call forwarding
  • Call queue & automated response systems
  • Advanced Voicemail & Email integration
  • A full extension panel to adjust your settings
  • Conferencing options

    And more!

At NewTel, you get all the benefits of a large and expensive PBX system at a fraction of the cost, with an intuitive interface to keep your business operating, seamlessly. Unsure which features would best serve your company? Experience the NewTel difference. Our customer service team will work with you to find the best options, specifically fit to your company’s unique requirements. 

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