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Cloud Based VS Premise Based Phone Service

Cloud based phone systems ensure that your business communications are running smoothly through the cloud, with reliable and secure service you can count on. Cloud-based systems give you complete mobility, and save you time and money, without the hassle of maintaining an expensive Premise-Based System! Keep your team seamlessly connected with NewTel Systems.

With tons of customizable features and frequent upgrades tailored to the needs of your company, making the transition to a digital system at NewTel Systems can feel virtually transparent, with unexpected benefits! (Not to mention, you will always be notified of the latest updates and features at no additional charge!)

Features Include:

+ Free Calls Within US & Canada
+ Inter-office Communication
+ Find Me / Follow Me
+ Business Texting
+ Call Queue and Automated Response Systems
+ Advanced Auto Attendants
+ Comprehensive Dashboard With Advanced Reporting
+ Employee Whisper/Monitoring
+ On-Hold Music & Customizable Phone Tree
And More!

Frequent Upgrades, Encrypted, Secure Service, & No Contracts!

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