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    Analog Vs. Digital Phone Service

    Analog phone systems are a thing of the past. For small to large businesses, maintaining analog systems and paying per line, can become costly! You may benefit from a cloud-based system, with a comprehensive dashboard to keep you and your team connected and organized in the work place.

    At NewTel Systems, we are a provider of call center software that checks all the boxes for your business needs. Our cloud-based phone system offers a variety of digital phone solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. With tons of customizable features and frequent upgrades tailored to the requirements of your company, your transition to a digital system can feel virtually transparent.

    Features Include:

    + Free Calls Within US & Canada
    + Inter-office Communication
    + Find Me / Follow Me
    + Business Texting
    + Call Queue and Automated Response Systems
    + Advanced Auto Attendants
    + Comprehensive Dashboard With Advanced Reporting
    + Employee Whisper/Monitoring
    + On-Hold Music & Customizable Phone Tree
    And More!

    Frequent Upgrades, Encrypted, Secure Service, & No Contracts!

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    Frequent Upgrades, Encrypted, Secure Service, & No Contracts!