NewTel delivers an unparalleled set of productivity-enhancing features
Find Me / Follow Me

Ring an extension to ring multiple extensions or outside telephone numbers - anywhere in the world.

Simultaneous Ring

Ring your mobile/home phone when someone calls your office.

Remote Office

Your office is now wherever you are, wherever you go.

Auto-Extension Listings

Callers select any department or extension from the company voice menu.

Push To Talk

Immediate inter-office communication, including remote offices.

On Hold Music/Audio

Customers listen to company message or audio while on hold.

Holiday Message

Customers can customize a unique message for holidays and weekends.

Advanced Voicemail-Email integration

Voicemail can be delivered to your email.

Extension Panel

Full extension settings editing capabilities via user-friendly website.

Call Screen

Callers identify themselves so you can discreetly accept/reject call.

Call Forwarding

Easily forward incoming calls to any phone number you choose.


Allows 2 or more people to call into the system and talk.

Interactive Q&A

System asks questions and emails user's response to you.


Reports include Active calls, invoices, rate plans and call history.

Call Recordings

Calls can be recorded in real time and listened to on your pc.

Interoffice Paging

Quick & convenient extension based interoffice paging.

Call Queue

Callers hear music on hold until a someone is free to take their call.

Call Spying

Listen in on employees call or even coach a salesperson through a call where only they can hear you. The caller will never hear a thing.

Features make the difference with Hosted PBX.